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What We Do

Growing Partnerships, innovation, discoveries and life-changing inventions: these are what set us apart

What we do

We use a unique model centered on long term, productive partnerships, where we facilitate access to space, capital, counsel and connections that empower entrepreneurs and innovators to accelerate their ideas to market, grow their businesses and form partnerships of their own.

Our Staff

We are a team with a singular purpose, to support the University and the State’s entrepreneurial, technical & business communities to reach new levels of economic development.

Changing the Mindset

To create an environment where ideas and innovation thrive, it takes not only time but also an initiative that spans across the University and state.

OEIP has contributed to the establishment of the “Entrepreneurial Ecosystem”, which serves as a support system for students, faculty and researchers. An implementation team and oversight committee have been created to help further this culture of innovation and entrepreneurship from students to faculty to business partners.

The ultimate goal of these efforts with the interdisciplinary collaboration is creating a growing stream of high-quality new business ideas, which will be aided by the establishment of a portfolio of cross-listed academic programs and an increase in the awareness and involvement of faculty and students alike to entrepreneurial activities.

Interested in Partnership Opportunities?

We are dedicated to be recognized by you, our customers, as the partner of choice in matters of economic development, including new business development, the development and commercialization of innovations, and the promotion and support of entrepreneurship.

Please note that University of Delaware’s Office of General Counsel oversees all legal services for the University of Delaware. Matters pertaining to research (including research-related agreements, research-related compliance, and research-related intellectual property) may be directed to the Research Office, which will coordinate with the General Counsel’s Office, as appropriate.

Office of Economic Innovation & Partnerships • 1 Innovation Way, Suite 500, Newark, DE 19711 • 302.831.7140