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We turn new & early stage start ups into market competitive new businesses

Technology Transfer

Technology Transfer

The OEIP Business Development Group provides guidance and support, using a complete portfolio of skills, experience and partner relationships, to enable University inventors and entrepreneurs to develop and accelerate their ideas and inventions into the market place.

Business Development

Business Development

While new business ideas are evolving, entrepreneurs and inventors will need help forging collaborations, hiring technology talent, creating licensing agreements, and the list goes on. OEIP acts as a liaison to the University, facilitating introductions and procuring the help you need to succeed.

pocket farmer

Need help reaching the market place?

The most critical step of any idea or invention is commercialization. We have the years of experience and expertise to help you navigate the arduous journey to the market place. Contact us soon to start mapping out a plan and locating resources.

Please note that University of Delaware’s Office of General Counsel oversees all legal services for the University of Delaware. Matters pertaining to research (including research-related agreements, research-related compliance, and research-related intellectual property) may be directed to the Research Office, which will coordinate with the General Counsel’s Office, as appropriate.

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